BoneSim - Organic Bone Analog

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The first organic bone analog specifically formulated as an engineering test substrate

BoneSim 1800 series is a cortical bone analog specifically formulated to reproduce many of the properties found in cortical human bone.

BoneSim 1800 series is a newly developed test media for the Orthopaedic Device industry. BoneSim is an engineered matrix of reconstituted viable bone that will replicate many mechanical characteristics of human cortical bone. Of equal importance is that this bone simulation comes in a completely uniform slab that can be easily secured for test purposes. Its regular composition will ensure consistent test results and the fact that it is created from actual bone aids to the validity of your test outcome.

Whether evaluating rotating cutters (drills, reamers, etc...) or orthopedic fasteners (screws, plates, wires), BoneSim 1800 series provides similar hardness, toughness, density and mechanical properties as human cortical bone.

"Finally an orthopedic test substrate that is undeniably the real thing!"

Previous bone analog materials (polyurethane foam, hardwoods, plastics) have proved unreliable for evaluating rotating cutters due to localized heating/melting or inadequate hardness. Furthermore, frictional resistance of polymers do not duplicate that of actual bone.  In fact, these issues are so dominant in a performance evaluation that a general ranking of cutting efficiencies can actually be reversed amongst previously qualified cutters.

Property Bovine Cortical Bone Human Cortical Bone Polyurethane foam (40 lb/ft3)*** BoneSim 1800
Hardness (Shore D) 85-95 85-95 <70 90
Density, g/cc 1.4-1.9 1.4-1.9 0.64 1.8
Comp. Strength, MPa 110-200 100-182 37 110
Screw insertion torque, Nm* 1.36-1.58 similar to bovine 0.45 1.47
Drilling toughness, s/mm** 2.39 similar to bovine 0.53 2.42

* Tested using 4.5mm self tapping cortical screw w/3.25mm pilot
** Tested using a single 6mm dia. orthopaedic drill, 1000RPM, 90N force


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  • ***ASTM F-1839 "Standard Specification for Rigid Polyurethane Foam for Use as a Standard Material

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NOTE:  Due to availability of raw materials shipments will be delayed 3 weeks

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BoneSim will soon be available in two formulations:
  • Cortical (hard bone) simulation to replicate outer bone morphology
  • Cancellous (porous bone) simulation to replicate "joint" end and implant interface

At BoneSim, we are dedicated to provide an experimental test substrate that will accurately replicate viable human bone. This will assist the medical device industry in their quest to provide surgeons and scientists throughout the world the needed tools to help patients who suffer from debilitating diseases and injuries.